These Are the Best Toys for Dogs that Like to Tear ThingsThese Are the Best Toys for Dogs that Like to Tear Things

You think you have bought an indestructible toy only for your dog to rip it apart in a few seconds. I know this sounds familiar to most dog owners. In this case, the size and breed of the dog doesn’t really matter as it’s typically a toy destroyer. These dogs need the toughest and most durable toys the market can offer.

Best Toys for Dogs that Like to Tear Things Apart

Here are some of the best toys for dogs that like to tear things apart:

#1. Goughnuts Maxx Ring

Goughnuts Maxx Ring

You can measure the lifespan of chew toys in a few minutes for some dogs. Aggressive chewers need a rugged toy to last a while. Harder chew toys are usually long-lasting making things like hooves, antlers, bones, hard plastic, and nylon chews obvious choices. If your dog rips other chew toys, you can give this one a try.

However, hard dog toys can be dangerous too. Solid objects tend to splinter and can cause damage when swallowed or break a tooth skyrocketing the vet bills. If the toy is so hard that you can’t make a temporary dent with your fingers, then it’s not an ideal chew toy for dogs.

Tooth-friendly chew dog toy materials are ropes, Kevlar, hose, jute, fire, and silicone. However, rubber is the only material that can withstand destruction from aggressive chewers. Besides, power chewers come in different sizes and shapes.

Goughnuts Maxx ring is ideal for medium to large sized dogs as it’s too heavy for the small ones to carry around. Getting the correct toy size is important because your dog will be disinterested if its either too heavy or too big while the smaller ones won’t last long.

#2. West Paw Jive

West Paw Jive

Rough dogs usually love playing fetch as well. However, the fetch game with muscular puppies are always short-lived since they rip through the tennis ball with their strong jaws. It’s for this reason that we recommend the rubber option for powerful dogs as it is the only material that’s durable enough for more playtime.

The West Jaw Jive is resilient to wear and tear ideal for strong dogs like Pit bulls and German Shepherds. It’s made from Zogoflex, a dense material, typically rubber. The ball will keep the dogs distracted for a long time and is resistant enough to hold up to destroyers during the game.

The ball is 2.6 inches and perfectly fits in a regular ball thrower. It’s no slouch on the grass and turns into a rabbit on pogo sticks when it lands on hard surfaces. The ball features small notches cut into it and is not as round.  If it lands on the notches, it tends to bounce off in random directions making the chase even more entreating for the dog. It’s obviously not the perfect dog toy for indoor play.

West Jaw Jive still floats even though it’s heavier than a regular tennis ball. It’s available in different sizes both small and large. The ball is easier for the dogs to carry around although it won’t fit some standard ball throwers. The ball is relatively pricey but comes with a warranty.

#3. Goughnuts Tug Maxx

Many dogs find the tug of war game more fun. Grabbing a tug toy at the end then pulling it hard is a show of strength. Many tug toys are uniquely designed to hold up pull in different directions especially those made of rubber. Nylon, rope, and sewn fabric are prone to tearing and fraying.

Goughnuts Tug Maxx is ideal for playing more aggressive games with giant and larger breeds of dogs. The rubber is chewable allowing the dogs to get an excellent grip with their teeth although it’s heavy duty. It’s 1.5 inches thick and perfectly holds up to the strongest bite forces. The dog grabs one end while you hold the other. The ring comes in a dual design making it easy for you to keep your hand further away from the dog’s mouth.

You need to close your fist to hold the tug toy since it’s the best way of gripping their kind. Besides, it enables you drop the toy during playtime in case the dog turns violent. The tug toy is also ideal for dog to dog tug of war as they struggle to out-muscle each other. When the toy is still new, it has a mild rubber smell that wears off over time.

Goughnuts Tug Maxx doesn’t contain a red core unlike the Goughnuts Ring Maxx as it’s not designed for chewing but supervised play. It’s 1.5 inches thick, slightly bigger for small puppies to get their tiny teeth around. It’s the best toy for dogs that like to tear things part, especially the giant ones.

#4. Orbee-Tuff Squeak

Orbee-Tuff Squeak

There’s something about squeaky toys that tends o turn most dogs to toy-destroying animals. The dogs don’t rest until squeaker stops, working the toys until they get to puncture the squeaker with their teeth. Annoyingly, they only take a few minutes to destroy the squeaker and become uninterested once this happens.

Usually, the material surrounding the squeaker has a great impact on its durability. Squeakers can break even if the dog’s teeth don’t puncture or pierce through it. This therefore means that the jaws can produce a lot of pressure causing the squeaker to snap. The problem typically arises from those squeakers hidden underneath soft fabric such as latex, nylon, and fire hose.

The best squeak toys are those surrounded by sturdy rubber. The rubber tends to soften the amount of pressure put on the squeaker and is equally harder for sharp teeth to get through. However, squeak toys are not totally indestructible as even the rubber ones with only hold for some time. Giant breeds like German Shepherds and Pitt Bulls can create serious damage in a few minutes. Squeaker toys are durable but don’t expect them to last forever.

Orbee-Tuff is the most durable and features an encased heavy duty hard to compress rubber. It additionally has a mint scent that makes it easy for the dog to find it in long grass. The squeaker is dishwasher safe, bounce quite well, and floats. It’s 3 inches wide, slightly bigger than a standard tennis ball. It’s not ideal for smaller dog breeds like Chihuahua and Pomeranian.

#5. Kong Flyer

Kong Flyer is the best indestructible Frisbee for dogs. The disc is sturdy enough holding up to the most powerful jaws but light enough to comfortably fly around through the air. Frisbees are uniquely designed for longer arching throws and ultimate air time. Consequently, they stay up in the air for a considerable amount of time for the dog to chase it for that mid-air catch.

The Air Dash is sturdy but glides just as a rock. The weight reduces their time in the air and the distance thrown. This is a major drawback for those who want frisbees that can be thrown a mile. It’s also not an ideal toy for dogs that play rough.

The Kong Flyer is made with resilient rubber and glides incredibly well. It has more aerodynamic shape compared to its counterparts and comes in different sizes to cater to all breeds. The toy is considerably heavy than those made of materials and plastics. The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t float in water but sinks just like a stone would.

#6. West Paw Tux

For a good reason, treat toys are popular with all dog types. It typically combines food and play which are dog’s favorite things. Just put the treats in the toys and they will fall out as the dog manipulates it with teeth and jaws. Besides, a single treat allows more play time. However, this will be a problem for strong-jawed dogs.

The dog is rewarded with food as it chews on the toys encouraging it to work the toy harder even with no treats left. The dog should use treat toys under supervision as giant breeds like Alaskan Malamutes and St. Bernards can easily destroy the toy. Also, remove the toys once the dog has finished all the treats as this helps prevent damage.

Toys with smaller treats are more durable. The longer ones are made from thinner materials and didn’t hold up quite well. Treat toys come in different shapes and sizes but you may need to slightly modify it to hold your dog’s favorite delicacy. Depending on the size of your treats, you can first squish peanut butter inside or cut them in two halves.

The West Paw Tux is made of patented Zogoflex rubber with a strong surface for enthusiastic dogs to rip off and tear as they retrieve the treats. It’s durable and dishwasher safe. It’s the best treat toy for dogs that play rough. What’s more, it comes with a warranty which makes it the best toy for dogs that like to tear things apart.

#7. Nero Ball Ultra

When training dogs, like the military ones, toys are usually the perfect reward. Since they use strong dogs, they also require stronger toys and the Nero Ball Ultra is ideal in this case for training purposes. The ball offers a variety of style that you can present to the dog. You can use it as a fetch ball, dangle it, or play the tug of war game.

The toy can hold up to a powerful jaw when used as a training reward exclusively. The rubber appeals to the dog and is equally dense to be crushed especially when chomped.


Ensure you get the right toy for the game to keep your dog entertained from the above recommendations.

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